Re: GNOME Documentation Framework


I'm making the API documentation extractor a 2 piece process.   The first
strips a block of docu-comments out (whether that's comments about a single
function, or a whole module -see John's later email).  This information
gets passed off to some other (probably externally chosen) module that 
handles the actual formatting of the data, for some particular target.

I have been thinking about using Welder for that second piece, and just 
writing various Welder plugins for each output document format: ie,
one for DocBook, maybe another for HTML, a third for man, or whatever.

Initially, I plan on just making the second part only do DocBook (without
Welder's intervention).  Afterwords, I'll find out what other formats
people want to be able to grab the information in.


On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> >  I've written a tool that may be useful once somebody has built the
> >  various templates.  Basically, it makes it easy to glue templates and
> >  the data for them (even if it comes from various different sources)
> >  together into an output file.  The tool is called Document Welder.  You
> >  can grab it from  if you want to take
> >  a look at it.
> Hey, this looks pretty cool.  I think it would be very nice to use it
> with the DocBook templates we have in the documentation framework.
> Please tell us your thougts about how it would/should work :-)
>   Federico
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