Audiofile (was: Making prerequisites easy)

Raster wrote:
> audiofile big? AHHAHAHAHAHA pleas e- don't make me laugh too much.. my
> doctor said it's bad for me. Same goes for esound - tiny libraries -
> take no time flat to compile and install.

hehe, I try not to make you laugh ;)

I can't get esound to compile if I don't copy the two header files
audiofile.h and aupvlist.h (I'm not sure about that last one, I'm not
sitting at my linux comp right now) from audiofile/libaudiofile/ to the
esound directory.

I'm not that skilled in autogen/configure stuff so I haven't even tried to
figure out how to fix it. I seems to be something wrong though, cause the
compiler gets the following flags:

-I . -I . -I .

that is, it gets the same include directory three times. That seems a bit
strange to me :)


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