New release of gnorpm.


I have just released a new version of gnorpm (an RPM package manager).  I
released it mainly so there would be one that works with

You can get it at,
and a screenshot is at

This version contains mostly cosmetic changes, better saving of user
preferences, and a dialog to help create desktop entries for a package.

I wrote the desktop entry code, since I realised that most of the
information (name, comment, executable, needs terminal?, doc dir, icon) in
a desktop entry can be deduced from the information in the RPM database.
The new dialog helps you create a desktop entry using that information.

In future versions, I am thinking of adding support for rpmfind (that may
take a little while).

I have not put this in CVS yet, since I still do a lot of development on
it from a computer not connected to the internet.

James Henstridge.


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