Re: GtkICQ errors..

At 04:11 PM 10/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Oh, that's easy to fix.  When you run ./configure, add '--disable-nls' to
>the options.

Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions. Above you see what pretty
much everyone said I should do. I have tried that and it still doesn\t
work. I did a little investigating and I saw that I had accidently replaced
gtk 1.1.2 with whatever version slackware 3.5 has hwen I upgraded a few
days ago. Of course I started compiling 1.1.2 again but for some reason it
no longer likes me. It stops because gtktest fails at the end of the
compilation. At the moment I don't have the error msg so I can't post it
but if anyone else had the same problem (gtktest failing) let me know or
you can all yell at me for not including the exact error message.



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