Re: change the paradigm!

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Ian Bicking wrote:

> 2D is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  Graphics cards makers
> would love for everyone to have computers with the false illusion of
> 3D, because then people who weren't playing games or involved in
> production graphics/CAD might buy their cards.  Still, their arguments 
> are rather thin.

At the same time, pseudo-3D solutions using layers might be worth
exploring. Ideas that fit within this paradigm, like notebooks/tabbed
dialog boxes, Eterm's pseudo-translucency, and even windows being on top
of one another, are very powerful interfaces.

That less paragraph is less than practical, but if someone wanted to come
up with a neat new UI for Gnome/GTK apps, it might be worth thinking along
those lines. For example, notebooks that show the edges of the pages
"behind" them, perhaps some application of translucency somewhere, etc.

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