Re: db2html ??

*-Havoc Pennington <>
| On 6 Oct 1998, Raja R Harinath wrote:
| > 
| > BTW, am I right is assuming the scripts `db2html', `db2ps' &c. are
| > wrapper scripts that invoke `jade' with the appropriate options?
| > 
| > If so, it may be useful if you extracted the scripts into a separate
| > package.  This would be useful to 
| > 
| > 	- People who compile/install Jade on non-RPM enabled systems
| > 	- People who use Debian
| > 
| I second this. If the scripts are small they could even come with Gnome. I
| have all the DocBook stuff installed but for some reason Debian has no
| scripts; and I don't feel like figuring out the scriptless way. So I still
| have no idea what the DocBook I wrote this weekend actually looks like.

For Debian: See /usr/doc/docbook-stylesheets/README.Debian

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