Re: CVS problem

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, William F. Maton wrote:

> Ah!  One of my favourite CVS curiousities.  OK, do this:  In one window,
> chdir into gnome-core/capplets and do an ls.  In anthoer window, chdir
> into gnome-core/capplets/CVS, and look at the contents of the Entries file
> in there. Look carefully.  You'll see a directory listed in your first
> window, but not listed in the Entries file.  If I remember correctly, it
> started with a 'd'.  rm -rf'ing this directory then allowed CVS to
> operate, and fix that Entries file correctly by restoring the directory
> and updating Entries.

Yes, it starts with an uppercase letter 'D'.

In most cases you get this problem when a directory has been physically
moved to another location in the repository, in this case it's still on
your harddisk, but CVS can't find it in the repository any longer.

gnome-core/capplets/CVS/Entries should look like this:

$ cat CVS/Entries
/.cvsignore/1.1/Fri Sep  4 21:25:41 1998//
/README/1.1/Sun Sep 27 11:47:07 1998//
/ Oct  2 11:09:54 1998//


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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