CVS problem


I've just been trying to get updates from the CVS, and am having a
problem I haven't seen before:

/usr/src/gnomecvs$  cvs update -d -P gnome-core
? gnome-core/applets/charpick/Makefile
? gnome-core/applets/charpick/.deps
? gnome-core/applets/charpick/.libs
? gnome-core/applets/charpick/charpick_applet


cvs server: Updating gnome-core/applets/printer
cvs server: Updating gnome-core/applets/slashapp
cvs server: Updating gnome-core/applets/webcontrol
cvs server: Updating gnome-core/applets/winlist
cvs server: Updating gnome-core/capplets
cvs update: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
cvs [update aborted]: cannot open CVS/Entries.Log: No such file or directory

On my machine, the file gnome-core/CVS/Entries exists and is

-- Charles

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