[announce] GKB 0.31 on CVS

 I've got a question first...

 I looked the gnome_option for xkb-xmodmap change, but how can I set the
value of that?
 Masters, please check my code at gnome-core/applets/gkb/properties.c
about line 285... I think I've missed something... (the debugger printf is
ungly, I know)
 GKB means Gnome KeyBoard.
 GKB is a frontend to setxkbmap and xmodmap.

 So. Changes.
   * I've done the xmodmap-support.
   * The pixmap and map loading now follows the standards.
   * I corrected some big programming errors ;]
   * Version number change ;]

 Another thing:
  LANG env + control-center (gnomecc) + this stupid little program
  -> If the control-center could set the LANG, and the keyboard mapping...
  Is there possibility?
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