Popt, the universe and everything

This is the output of nm libsupport.so | grep popt

000031f4 T poptAddAlias
000032b4 T poptBadOption
000030ac T poptFreeContext
0000301c T poptGetArg
0000306c T poptGetArgs
0000226c T poptGetContext
0000360c T poptGetInvocationName
00002a1c T poptGetNextOpt
00003000 T poptGetOptArg
00009734 D poptHelpOptions
00001f3c T poptParseArgvString
00003048 T poptPeekArg
00003bd8 T poptPrintHelp
00003f28 T poptPrintUsage
00001d70 T poptReadConfigFile
00001e9c T poptReadDefaultConfig
000023b0 T poptResetContext
0000219c T poptSetExecPath
00003fdc T poptSetOtherOptionHelp
000032d4 T poptStrerror
00003560 T poptStuffArgs

Does this mean that poptHelpOptions isn't defined?
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