Anoncvs bugs (was Re: gnome-libs and gnomesupport) wrote:

> Now, I don't know the point of having CVS automatically checking out ../support and al in the gnome root directory
> if we have to copy them each time in subdirectories.

Yep, I have that problem too.  Possibly one or more of the anoncvs servers is running an older version of CVS.  The
problem seems to be on the server side, not the client side.  I found this on the CVS known bugs page

   "With a CVS 1.9 server specifying & in the modules file checks the
   files out into the wrong directory. This is a bug; the non-client/server
   CVS 1.9 behaves correctly."

More info at

Can someone check which versions the anoncvs servers are running, and possibly upgrade them?  This has been causing
problems for lots of people.


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