Re: no sooner do I rant about it...

> Yesterday I mentioned my continuing saga of snprintf()...

  Ok, I got two mails this morning about the dependancy between libxml
and snprintf ... I would like to keep libxml compilable standalone (i.e.
out of the gnome framework if not available) so I plan to add the test
to the autoconf and link in the replacement if not available.
  Sounds Ok ?

> make: *** [tester] Error 1
> I'm patching the makefile to get around it, a reportedly non-useful test 
> program doesn't concern me much.

  Can you explain what you mean by by "reportedly non-useful test" ?
This test is useful for me, and for people developping with libxml to
check the structure of the document they produce. It's used to check
that no bugs have been introduced in the code when adding feature
(make tests).


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