Re: reading the docs

    >> Is there a way to view gnome-libs/devel-docs/*.sgml without
    >> installing all the DocTools?  A simple sgml-to-html converter
    >> everybody uses?  Does the help browser do SGML yet?

    Dominik> On my Debian GNU/Linux box is sgml-tools installed, which
    Dominik> contains:

    Dominik> sgml2html sgml2latex sgml2rtf sgml2info sgml2lyx gml2txt

    Dominik> and lots of other useful tools.

Yeah, but those tools are poorly named: they do not handle SGML, but
only the rather poor LinuxDoc DTD.

Contemporary versions of the LinuxDoc SGML-tools will handle DocBook
(2.0 will), and you could also grab my RPMs.

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