Re: OLE Discussion (was Re: Opendoc)

> What has “simply clicking once“ to do with “loads everything at
> startup“, 

Oh, that OLE2 does not necesarly start or launch your application when
a document gets loaded.  if your application has provided a display
cache (a metafile), the OLE2 container will just get the display
representation until the user actually activates the object.

> the user access method with the time at which some code is
> loaded. By the way: The show-methods for all objects (and the objects
> themselves) have to be loaded at startup (and surely OLE does this
> also) or don“t you want to see the content of your document?

Nope.  As I mentioned, OLE2 delays the component loading until it is
absolutely necessary:  if only the display of the embedded is
requested and an available cached image is available, that will be
used until the user actually activates the object.  Cool stuff.

> And loading everything at startup hurts much less in OpenDoc than in
> OLE, cause OpenDoc classes are lean, OLE classes are very big
> monolithic applications.

Oh?  Can you comment more on this issue?  I want to know what I should
be looking for to avoid screwing us.

> Hmmm... the time ago, when i still worked with OS/2, i have had some
> white papers and other informations about OpenDoc and the difference
> to OLE. At the moment i have not very much time, but i try to look for 
> it in the next days and forward you, what i will find.

Thanks a lot.


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