Re: ORBit status?

> Huh? CORBA doesn't explicitly support it (unless it's part of some
> auxiliary CORBA document I haven't seen yet). Sure, you can pick one
> of the language bindings, for instance the C language bindings, and
> decide that the binary interface will be that + the standard C calling
> conventions for the system. I don't consider that a good decision: I'd 
> explain the reasons why, but I'm not sure this is what you mean.

At least the CORBA document I have here (corba-98-02-01.pdf) in
section 2.2 (Example ORBs) talks about this specific case (2.2.4).

> But if my client app just calls the method (in C or C++, say), it will
> block waiting for a reply.

I am not sure how the "dispatcher" plugs in here (concept stolen from
MICO's GtkDispatcher).  Someone more knowledgable should comment on

But having "oneway" functions for slow procedures might do the trick.
Oneway methods do not wait for a reply in CORBA.

> Without a murmur at compile time. In other words, there is absolutely
> no type safety.

I bet you get an exception :-).  Anyways, you can just have the
generated stubs have somethin glike:

MyObj_method (CORBA_Object obj, env)
	ORBit_check_type (obj, "Sometype");


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