Re: OLE Discussion (was Re: Opendoc)

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > If you want this, then why not use OpenDoc that is based in Corba,
> > and not OLE2 that is based in COM.
> Because documentation for OLE2 is widely available; Because OLE2
> seemed simpler to me; Because we are going to grab the best ideas from
> both systems; because COM does not mean "evil"; Because OLE2 can be
> implemented in top of CORBA with minimal changes.

(BTW - Complete documentation for OpenDoc is available from IBM's
 web site)
> Oh, btw, what makes COM "proprietary"?

 - It is defined by a single vendor
 - It is implemented by a single vendor

An object model based on OLE2 but using CORBA is a reasonable
thing to consider. IMO, OLE2/COM would not be.

(For one thing, the only implemention I know of of DCOM for Unix is
 Software AG's EntireX port which uses all sorts of Win32 emulated
 API's, has who knows what license, etc.)


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