Re: gtk icewm?

On Mon, 18 May 1998, John R Sheets wrote:

> -And finally, we need scalability (i.e. extensibility) so that
> when the GUI matures and expands, we can do it gracefully, and
> not have to redesign the GUI to accomodate new situations.  This
> last one is the tough pickle, and it's a little harder to
> quantify.  It's more a measure of the GUI's potential.

And another thing about scalability: Yes, the GUI means you don't have to
type in everything at the command line, but we also need the power to do
this. This is the Unix world. Most of GNOME's users, at least initially,
will want to be able to customize, tweak and control their environment to
death. We want customization to the extreme, and compatibility with things
that people know. A GUI doesn't mean *simplify*. It means make the interface
faster, but also more efficient. One of the things lacking in GNOME right
now is easy customization, i.e. the panel's main menu. We need a quick and
easy way to add and remove applications, icons and so on.

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