Re: Compiling mc: undefined reference to `dgettext'

>> Try make LIBS=-lintl
>> It worked for me for the same error message.

Stephanos> Nope. No luck.

Adding -lintl to the link line is the right fix.  But the
LIBS=... trick only works if the Makefile was written that way.  MC
doesn't use automake, so there's no guarantee it uses the same

I just looked, and in fact it doesn't.  Instead try:

	make XLIB=-lintl

When reporting link errors, *please* include the compilation line.
Don't just include some random error message.  Frequently the problem
can be more easily diagnosed by looking at the link line.

The fact that you're even seeing this problem indicates something else
is wrong.  Do you have an mc/intl directory?  Did it get built?  For
me, libintl is built in mc/intl, and gmc correctly links against it.


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