Re: GMC: Drag n Drop

On Thu, 14 May 1998, Jay Bloodworth wrote:

> For the last couple of weeks I have been getting sigsegv when I try and
> drag any of the desktop icons provided by GMC.  I have been using the RH
> RPMs and just upgraded to the latest set this morning and the problem
> persists.  Is this a known bug?  If no, any idea what might be going on?

Further info: I experimented with gmc a bit yesterday afternoon and
discovered that the but was more subtle than I thought.  I got a SEGV if
the home directory icon was the first icon I attempted to drag.  But if I
did another drag first, it would work, and subsequently I could drag the
home dir icon without much problem.  Weird, eh?

That was yesterday.  I updated my GNOME this morning because I wanted to
see the gmc facelift (looks great, BTW).  Now dragging the home dir icon
right off the bat doesn't crash gmc, but all drags have gotten flakey.  It
seems that no matter how many icons I have on the desktop, at most one is
draggable at a time.  Attempts to drag others gives me the 'Ghostbusters'
(circle with a line through it) icon that moves a little ways in the
direction I move the cursor but stops at the edge of the bounding box of
the desktop icon, rather than changing to the 'flying paper' icon to
complete the drag.  Now the desktop icon for which dragging works appears
to change with time; sometimes it's one, sometimes it's another.  Drags
from a panel to the desktop appear to work much more consistently.


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