Re: Are their public standards for "window manager compatability"?

> On the WM list, I asked the experts about gnome compatability and they
> reacted with, well, dismay.  Several indicated they had made an effort to 
> find out what Gnome would require and they were not able to do so.  I
> think there is a fear that E will become the default window manager and 
> others will not be able to adjust because the "compatability" standards
> are not well articulated.

Well thing is like this: most GNOME hacker have been busy coding GNOME
applications and so have had little time to learn more about Window
Manager internals.  I would personally appreciate if the window
manager hackers joined us so that we could discuss what gnome needs
and what is the best way to make gnome and the window managers

The ICEWM author happens to be on this list and happens to contribute
to this discussion, that is the reason we have got very entusiastic
about icewm.

At some point I tried mailing the WindowMaker list but my message
bounced, I had to be a subscriber to post, so I forwarded my mail to a
friend of mine which was relaying it to the WindowMaker people.  I
have not heard from them since then.


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