Re: some thoughts..

> >  - gnomine: left+right mouse click should work like middle mouse button,
> > winmine works like this and my middle mouse button doesn't work well..

set ChordMiddle in your XF86Config, and it will work like that in all X applications.

> > and
> > the worse problem: when pressing button in field and moving mouse off the
> > field before releasing mouse, it doesn't open the field!

that's intentional. This way you can escape if you realize your mistake of
opening up a mined cell. I don't like it if it will be changed.

> I've been meaning to work on gnomine, it seems to be abandoned and my
> roommate is about to destroy my mouse playing it. I have to finish some
> libgnomeui stuff first though, and I'm about to have job hunt followed by
> finals followed by graduation so I might not get to it for a while. :(

I didn't abandon it, there are more important tasks for gnome. 


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