Re: some thoughts..

> > The code is there.  You are welcome to send a patch to add a
> > configuration dialog for this.  If this has not been done is because
> > we have had other priorities.  If you want it fixed today, start
> > contributing code.	    
> I know, maybe I will some day, but before I can actually do anything I
> have to spend a lot of time learning GDK (GTK doesn't have any easy way to
> do underlined text, right?) 

Probably I did not explain myself.

The code for doing *underlined* links is there.  You just have to call
gtk_xmhtml_set_anchor_style (or something similiar).  

Now a quick FAQ for those following this thread:

	Q: Why it has not been added if it is so simple?
	A: Because we want to write a dialog box that lets you
	   configure various other XmHTML properties.

	Q: Why not put a quick hack now?  I demand it.
	A: You have the source, you can do the quick hack, we are
	   going to do it right.

	Q: But I need to learn Gdk.
	A: No you don't.  You just have to read gtk-xmhtml.h file

	Q: But I need to learn about Linux demand page loading.
	A: no, you dont.

	Q: But I need more swap space.
	A: You probably also need a course on OS internals.

	Q: Why have you not done it right yet?
	A: Because we are busy doing other things.

	Q: gmc does not have an icon view.
	A: Parts of the code are written, it needs some extra code to
	   be written. We are working as fast as possible to provide a
	   nice desktop.

	Q: gmc is too complex, too many buttons.
	A: We are still taking patches to make this optional, this is
	   your chance to contribute.

	Q: gmc file selection code sucks.
	A: yes, it does.  Come with an intelligent proposal and we
	   will fix it.

	Q: gmc does not have XXX and YYY and fm ZZZ has it.
	A: Either port ZZZ to GNOME or contribute the code for XXX and


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