IRC clients

There are now SEVEN (count them!) IRC clients for Gtk+:
	girc (I am to blame for this one - fortunately it was first
	      so I have an excuse ;-)
	my-gtk-irc (

I'm also unsure as to whether comlink was going to include an IRC client
or not...

I know the urge is stronge, as shown by the above examples :) but Please
do not write another IRC client for GNOME - the argument that there is
need for one diminishes proportional to the number that already exist.
Much more appealing would be something like, say, a desktop publishing
program or spreadsheet (I have heard that Oleo will include GTK-- support
in its next release, though). Or help continue work on gwp, a cool word
processor project. Or write another unique program. Or help write
documentation. Or help find bugs. Or at VERY LEAST help with the
development of an existing client. :-)

-- Elliot
"And no, I don't plan on working on girc either, at least until the IRC
client scene settles down a bit either."

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