gnome for *BSD ?

I was going to work on a FreeBSD port of the gnome pieces.
Where can I get the src tarballs not in an rpm (preferably
stable version, but not if it is very limited or that far
behind the current development). 

guile 1.2 is already a port, so that is done, but is umb really
required as it says on the "Getting Started" oage ?  Giflib is
done, but there a certain version that is required (but the FBSD port
should be up to date) ? Libpng is done.  Libjpeg is the one
that the gimp uses.  Gtk+ is done.  Imlib is done, but again, is there
a certain version required ?  All the gnome*, micro, gmp, mc, and gmc
stuff needs to be done, I guess.

I guess I only realyl have 2 questions:

1) Where are the sources for these ?
2) What is the minimal that is needed ?

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