RE: property dialogs

> > Tim Small's "Apply/Apply+Close/Close" buttons.  I agree that these are
> > less confusing than "OK/Apply/Cancel".
> > 
> I don't know:  I've gotten quite used to Ok/Apply/Cancel meaning
>                                 Apply+Close/Apply/Close
> Changing things like this just has a vaguely wrong feeling in the pit of
> one's stomach.  It's kinda like when I was still using MS products and I
> used DOS edit all the time alongside Windows apps.  Cut-and-paste keys
> were
> different and Quit/Exit were different.  And that just wasn't right....
You have got to be kidding!  Ok/Apply/Cancel is simply WRONG.  I don't care
how many other systems use illogical, mislabeled buttons; it's still WRONG.
Gnome should not follow suit; we have the opportunity to do things right.


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