Re: a few notes on gncal

Mark Galassi <> writes:
>     Tom> Does anybody else find it weird that the standard key for
>     Tom> Exit is "Ctrl-Q"?
> Emacs weenies will want C-x C-c


Seriously, it would be really nice if Gnome was configurable in this
aspect as well as many others. It would be great if I could use "C-x
C-c" to quit any Gnome app, and have it written like that on the
menus. A Gnome-wide accelerator editor would be very impressive.

Of course, the defaults should be good for newbies: "control q",
written like that. (Having said that, many PCs have Ctrl printed on
their control keys, so maybe by default it should autodetect :-)

I realize that this is rather ambitious, and making Gnome useful
quickly means that pragmatic decisions have to be made. But IMHO it is
better to see GUI guidelines as a temporary measure, and in the longer
term it would be better to provide mechanisms that make it easy to
develop highly configurable apps, with defaults that happen to
implement the guidelines.

I'm only playing with Gnome at the moment, so these are just the
opinions of an interested bystander. I guess my desire for
extensibility and configurability show me to be an Emacs weenie as
much as my desire to quit an app with "C-x C-c" does.

Dave Wragg

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