Re: updates?

> - VFS code and/or gtkMC (miguel?)

Norbert patch for splitting it off the mc is here;  needs some touches
before going into production.

GnomeMC is working for me, has little problems here and there which
are being fixes.  This is on my TODO list for GnomeMC:

	- property pages for icons on the desktop.

	- Verify that every dialog box works properly (I am doing this
	  right now).

	- shaped dnd (as soon as shaped dnd works on Gtk, it is
	  currently disabled).

	- drag support for icons on the desktop (right now you can not
	  drag the icons on the desktop). 

	- more icon types on the file listings.
	- Make a decent menu organization.

	- Add rename of desktop entries by clicking on the name on the
	  desktop.  Might prove to be difficult.

	- Icon-view mode (this will be done after all the other
	  problems are fixed). 

> - new language bindings for MICO (who was doing this?)

Elliot Lee did the C bindigns for MICO, but in the long run, we will
just implement our own ORB for CORBA.  Most likely the Flick compiler
will be our IDL compiler and we will just provide an ORB for it. 


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