Re: _POOR_ repaint performace??

> Pretty much all of GNOME suffers from poor repaint performance. It is
> probably a generic GTK problem. The worse case is probably opaque
> dragging a window over, say, a GIMP picture or column list widget. The
> root of the problem is then plain to see; lots of _very_ small repaint
> events are being performed.
> Performace would sky-rocket if when doing a repaint (ie. handling an
> expose event) we check the queue for other expose events and performed
> intelligent rectangle coalescing. This needs doing.

Jay Paitner ( did somwe work on this.  Apparently a
lot of things were speeded up, but I never got a chance to try it.  We
could try to use his patch on the development branch of Gtk 1.1.
Hopefully Owen knows more about this particular problem and can
enlighten us.

I remember also that some discussion took place about how Gtk did not
use the gravity information to tell the X server how to resize nicely
a window, this might be part of the problem, and I do believe it is
going to be hard to address.

Best wishes,

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