_POOR_ repaint performace??


Pretty much all of GNOME suffers from poor repaint performance. It is
probably a generic GTK problem. The worse case is probably opaque
dragging a window over, say, a GIMP picture or column list widget. The
root of the problem is then plain to see; lots of _very_ small repaint
events are being performed.

Performace would sky-rocket if when doing a repaint (ie. handling an
expose event) we check the queue for other expose events and performed
intelligent rectangle coalescing. This needs doing.

My question: is anyone working on this? If not give me some pointers and
I'll look into it. My main question is if this could be handled cleanly
at the gtk or gdk layer without hideously breaking abstraction layers.


PS Could this list be modified to allow "chris@" to post if I'm
subscribed under "chris-gnome@"? Or perhaps a posters list could be

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