Re: When AnonCVS or Daily Snapshots Resume?

> People would wonder alot less if there were some substantive response when
> people ask about it.  It took almost a week for someone to get around to
> saying "It's down because the server was overloaded.  We should have
> access back on the order of three weeks, if all goes well."  

We are sorry if we had not made any announcement.  AnonCVS should be
hopefully openend on monday again (after we do the CVS movement).

> Are any mirrors up yet (not counting Jim Pick's cvsweb server)?  Are
> mirrors going to come up when the new CVS server goes in place?  

I expect the current cvs server to become the anoncvs server as soon
as we move the files.  Hopefully other machines will be cvs mirrors.

>   Could there be an email address or two to send to if there are
>   problems with the CVS server and/or the FTP server, like there
>   is one for problems with the web server?  

I do believe was setup today.  Elliot, do you know
the details?

Best wishes,

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