Re: When AnonCVS or Daily Snapshots Resume?

I saw this on the rumour mill at RHAD:


Wed Jun 24 11:39:10 EDT 1998
(Dr Mike) Life is slowly returning to normal - spent most of the past
few days moving and recovering from a great trip to New Orleans. It
really is energizing to go to shows and meet lots of people excited
about Linux and GNOME. The new CVS server is almost ready to go. People
keep wondering about anonymous CVS for GNOME - let me just say we're not
going to be hosting a anonymous CVS server here. My understanding is
that there will be several anonymous sites which mirror from the main
CVS server. Personally, I don't understand why anyone needs CVS access
unless they are making regular commits to the tree, otherwise it is a
heck of a lot more efficient to just post daily diffs and let people
ftp/http those instead. Anonymous CVS was turned off on the current site
because it was bring the machine to its knees, causing major
interference with regular development. And anyway, the GNOME 0.20
release is the best place to start if you want to see what GNOME is all

Christopher Horn wrote:
> Would it be possible for one of the GNOME developers in the know to let
> us lurkers know what is going on with AnonCVS or the RedHat snapshots?
> My idea of resuming soon or being temporarily unavailable is around a
> week, and it has been three since the announcement was made.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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