Where can I get db2html + bug in Makefile?

I have searched everywhere on the net (I have tried filez, ftpsearch and
altavista) and can't find db2html (required making gnome-core/core-docs).
Could somebody please help me? System is slackware 3.4.

I noticed that make installing the gnome-libs (I have a pretty new
snapshot) it doesn't install libgnomeui/gnome-canvas.h. It installs all
the headers listed in $(libgnomeuiinclude_HEADERS), but atleast on my
system gnome-canvas.h is listed in $(EXTRA_HEADERS) and not installed. The
header is required at some point in the compiling of gnome-core.
(I fixed it by copying it manually to it's location, so I don't need info
how to install it, I'm just menioning so somebody might fix the makefile.)

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