Re: HELP - HELP !!!

> > I just installed gnome .20 (rpm) on a rh linux 5.0 system, and the panel =
> > and background-properties
> > doesn't work, because of a missing lib. This lib is called =
> >
> > 
> > Where can I get this file?
> > 
> > Please reply ASAP - Gnome rocks!!!

The library in question is the C++ library, the panel needs it because the
panel uses MICO, which is a C++ program.

In RedHat 5.0, you would find it in the libg++ package, unfortunately, it
is looking for a later version than is shipped with RedHat 5.0.  I would
suggest checking the redhat-5.0/updates directory on the redhat site, and
see if it available there.

Best of Luck,

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