Re: nxterm assault & font size

Colin> Every time I start gnome, more and more xterms start on my
Colin> desktop.

Colin> Could someone explain this behavior and how to stop it?

This is a bad interaction between the "smproxy" program and your
window manager.

Many X programs, like xterm, do not implement "new-style" session
management.  However, some do implement the old ICCCM-style session
management (which involves putting properties on windows).

To handle these older clients, gnome-session starts a program called
"smproxy".  Basically it is a translator that talks XSMP on one end
and ICCCM stuff on the other.

So far, so good.  The problem arises because some window managers
(apparently -- I've been told this but haven't checked it) block
information that smproxy requires in order to do accurate tracking.

One fix would be to change xterm to use XSMP.

Another fix would be to use gnome-terminal, which (as of last week)
has at least some minimal session management support (still known
problems, but it's better than nothing).


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