Language `Hot Switching'

Contrary to Tom (sorry, but you've been the only one who said so), I
think hot switching of the language environment is... well, okay, not
essential, but probably a Good Thing.

Just some scenarios where it would be good (or even, well, crucial):

  - Say I have my environment set to german.  Now a colleague is
    coming over to discuss something in person.  `Unfortunately' this
    colleague doesn't speak german (or not as good as I speak his
    language, whatever this may be).

    Now, it would be great if I could just set my environment to
    english (say) and this takes effect without me having to restart.

  - Or your sysadmin is too lazy/overworked to properly install your
    GNOME... and you want a french environment.  But the default is
    english (okay, this would work, but to get it you had to restart).

BTW, does gettext support user-specific translation data?  I just
checked and didn't find anything in gettext's info pages.  So, will
GNOME support some ~/.gnome/po/ or something?  In the second scenario
above, this would be crucial (everybody probably knows some
lazy/overworked/overly-paranoid sysadmins that won't install something
in a root-only dir).


Bye, J

PS: Sorry I don't offer any help... I don't get to CVS yet... haven't
even compiled GNOME 0.20 yet (my imlib's old).  Might get CVS
abilities rather soon (if some miracle happens ;-)

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