mico2.0.5 won't link


noticed some compile problems with release 0.20 gnome-core:

argp.h is placed out of reach, in /usr/libs/gnome-libs/include

this is solved, but now the linking dies with libmico2.0.5, that complains it 
cannot resolve links to 'ios streams', whatever they are. As it seems to be 
relaed to c++, I'm completely stunned and unable to move.

Please help!

  Jussi Larjo , Tampere University of Technology, Finland = larjo@cc.tut.fi
	"And I'm not frightened of dying. Anytime will do, I don't mind.
	Why should I be frightened of dying? I see no reason for it.
	You gotta go sometime."  -Roger "The Hat".

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