Re: Panel segsevs on saves?

I asked the same question here a while ago and got no replies. However, I
found out that recompiling the gnome-core package fixes the problem. So
you don't have to compile the Whole Damn Thing, just the gnome-core

Hope this helps,


On Fri, 19 Jun 1998 wrote:

> Every time the panel goes to save its session state, most of its attached 
> applets (as far as I can tell, everything except the bus sign) segsev.
> I'm running a mixed RH-5.0 system with the erratified RH5.1
> jpeg-and-related libs and all the redhat and gnome rpms from
> /pub/GNOME/v0.20. I've seen a few other people report the problem and
> basically I'm wondering if anyone has a solution or a workaround or
> whatever that doesn't involve compiling the Whole Damn Thing. 

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