Re: Gnome and WM

Hendrik Seffler wrote:
> kluster <> schrieb:
> > background-properties --init &
> > keyboard-properties --init &
> > mouse-properties --init &
> > panel &
> > exec wmaker

> I don't see what's wrong about your settings since I use a similar
> setup. I run "gmc &" and "panel &" right before starting wmaker. But I
> moved all the properties-stuff to
> ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart, so that it is run _after_ the
> windowmanager. If I put these calls to .xinitrc, wmaker always
> overwrites my wonderful background-settings with its own.
> GNOME lacks windowmanager-integration at the moment. X does not shut
> down when I log off in the panel. Session-managemant does not work.
> But I think this will be improving soon.

x is to blame: it will always run your .xinitrc one line at a time and
your x server will exit when the last item in your .xinitrc exits.
that's why most people run the windowmanager as the last item in their
.xinitrc; they want x to shut down when they shut down their

the gnome panel duplicates the whole "quitting" functionality so it's up
to you how you want to quit your x session: from windowmaker or the
gnome panel. if you desire the latter, make sure you call the gnome
panel _last_ from your .xinitrc, and make sure you run the windowmanager
in the background ("wmaker &") so the panel gets its chance to start up.

by the way, my .xinitrc before gnome .20 came out ended with the lines:

	wmaker &

...and session management worked just fine, with the exception that
panel settings were not saved, so i had to redo all my buttons and
folders and applets every time i quit and restarted x. background and
mouse properties were restored, though, as were any gnome apps i had
been running when i last shut down x.

i can't speak for session management since gnome .20, though... i'm
giving this kde thing a whirl... <duck>
"Whoever saves one life saves the whole world in time." --Talmud

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