Re: panel applets

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Mark Galassi wrote:

> Hmm: a couple of things here.  First of all, applet-widget.h is
> installed by gnome-core.  Second, you seem to have a 0.13 release, but
I've got the same version gnome-core ;)
> that is an old version and it certainly predates George's tidying-up
> of the applet interface.  On the other hand your date stamp is from
> May 28 (it seems), so I'm confused by what version you really have.
That usually means that it's a snapshot from May 28, and the last release
was 0.13.
> You might want to try the 0.20 RPMs announced recently.  Meanwhile,
> I'm sure the RPM maintainers on this list will also answer your
> question about the possibility of a spec file bug.
I fetching them. It's just that I've been busily working on the tomgnome
bindings, so I my fascination with fetching gnome 0.20 was quite limited.
(At home, where I'm doing all the stuff, I've only a V34 modem, and gnome
 is starting to get huge, ...)


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