Re: panel applets

    >> Actually it is installed: I use a prefix of /opt/gnome, and I
    >> am finding applet-widget.h in /opt/gnome/include

Andreas> Than it is probably a rpm spec file bug:

Andreas> [andreas@lifesaver tomgnome]$ rpm -q gnome-libs
Andreas> gnome-libs-0.13-1998052809

Hmm: a couple of things here.  First of all, applet-widget.h is
installed by gnome-core.  Second, you seem to have a 0.13 release, but
that is an old version and it certainly predates George's tidying-up
of the applet interface.  On the other hand your date stamp is from
May 28 (it seems), so I'm confused by what version you really have.

You might want to try the 0.20 RPMs announced recently.  Meanwhile,
I'm sure the RPM maintainers on this list will also answer your
question about the possibility of a spec file bug.

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