Re: XML: status update

> I'd like to get the Gnome XML project running, but I guess we need to
> decide who's going to do which part. I guess we start from your codebase,
> or is it better to discuss the design some more first? Do you have a
> cvs server somewhere or shall we get some space at

  There is this read-only CVS server on that I use for all
my developments, Check http://rufus/cgi-bin/cvsweb on how to get
access, I cannot promise that I will be able to give write access
(in that case I can move this tree to another location I manage with
R/W accesses).
  For discussion on what to do and who, I guess we need to use the 
gnome-list (I Cc'ed).

  I started working on the DOM implementation, played with the IDL
too but version of Mico in the Gnome distribution hang with it. 
Arno Puder <puder@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU> wrote a patch but I don't think
it will be integrated in the public distribution soon, so I'm currently
stuck on the Corba side.

  The XML parser, is basic, it doesn't process PI, but support namespace.
I use it heavily for the rpm2html/rpmfind code and has proved being
robust and fast enought so far. I would like to add:
   - UTF-8 encoding
   - PI processing (or at least parsing in a first step)
   - using the DOM as the back end of the parser
   - test my DOM code (I written 80% of the Level 1 spec but didn't
     even tested one line of this new code).
   - DTD parsing and validation once the XSchema spec is out

  Well, there is quite some work left. I would be happy if someone hacked
in the UTF-8 support for example.


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