Re: Gnome-terminal vt100 graphics bug


> 	It appears that the gnome-terminal does not support vt100 graphics
> characters properly.  Specifically, executing a "pstree -aG" under
> gnome-terminal spews out garbage characters instead of the vt100 graphics
> characters.  The graphics characters work fine under both xterm and nxterm
> and I have checked (via "echo $TERM") that all three are running terminal
> type "xterm".

This is correct.  Currently the widget used supports a sub-set of the vt100/
xterm escape sequences (mainly to speed time-to-usefulness, and to
work on speed and stability before doing everything vt100/xterm does,
much of which is never used), but runs everything i've tried.  It
looks like pstree uses a different method of selecting the alternate
character set than other programs that do work, such as mc.

> 	Before I report this as a bug via the GNOME bug-tracker could
> someone else test the above conditions on their machines as it may be my
> setup at fault.  Also please set me straight if it is me that has made a
> mistake about terminal types and character codes as I know NOTHING about
> either. 

Please submit the bug report if you wish.  Although i'm certain it is
but a small patch away from being fixed :)

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