Re: midi player?

On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Isaac Richards wrote:
> In my opinion, limiting EsounD in this way would defeat the whole purpose of
> having a sound daemon..  I kinda like the ability to play multiple streams at
> once, be it mod, mp3, midi rendered to raw pcm, whatever =)  If one doesn't
> want to have multiple streams playing, then don't play multiple streams.  The
> software shouldn't be limited..

>From a user perspective, yes. But i don't think software-wavetable midi
support should be build into EsounD ... what if i wan't to experiment with
differnt synth's ... and EsounD would need to provide a /dev/sequencer
then, so that most midi software keeps working. Way to complicated, i

As Simon Kagedal pointed out, having timidi sending it's audio output to
EsounD would help keep EsounD lean+mean, and still acomplish the task.

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