Re: midi player?

On 13-Jun-98 Zack Williams wrote:
> Midi is an example of a medium that should not be mixed with other music 
> streams of the same type. I had always assumed the simultaneous sound
> features 
> of EsounD were to be used not to mix music, but to allow output of user event
> sounds (warnings, sounds from window manager events, etc.) Having any two 
> simultaneous, contiuous sound streams, no matter what the format, would
> result 
> in an undesireably cacophony. For formats such as midi or mod that can really
> only play contiunous music, it would not be a great limitation to only allow
> one
> of these formats to play at once. Even better would be one continuous music
> stream per channel, for even greater flexibility. 
> Anyway, in the case of midi, the samples are typically stored on the end that
> produces the sound, like in the sound rendering program or on a synthesizer, 
> so the sound pallets would not get munged. Mod is a different story
> altogether, 
> but if we limit EsounD to one music stream per channel we should be fine.

In my opinion, limiting EsounD in this way would defeat the whole purpose of
having a sound daemon..  I kinda like the ability to play multiple streams at
once, be it mod, mp3, midi rendered to raw pcm, whatever =)  If one doesn't
want to have multiple streams playing, then don't play multiple streams.  The
software shouldn't be limited..

Oh, and it's at around 6 or 7 different songs at once that start making a racket
=)  Less that that, everything's still mostly discernable.

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