Re: weirdness with gnome-graphics 0.20

I looked through the some of the code in ee because I noticed this problem
as well.  It seems the gtk file selector box doesn't support wildcards and
the code in ee doesn't either.  There was a bug in imlib that tried to
convert all the files in the given directory to pnm's but that was fixed. 
I was thinking about writing a quick fix inside of ee, but I think a 
better option is a gnome version of the file selector widget with support
for drag and drop and wildcard support etc.

For a quick fix to your problem, just choose the directory with all the
files in it.  Ee automatically loads all the files in the given directory.

Neil Vachharajani

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Paul Johnson wrote:

> I got all the different RPMS for jpegs etc and installed gnome RPMS
> in Redhat 5.1.  Most things work great.
> I have one problem with ee, wonder if you see it too.  In a directory
> with several jpeg files, you can use the command line "ee *" and it
> starts and you can see pics one at a time (space bar for next pic--no
> way to go backward?).  However, if you just type "ee", then right-click,
> Edit, show edit window, then you get a system crash if you go into
> the image list, choose the leftmost icon to list all files in a directory,
> and then in the selection pane type "*" and hit return.   On my system, the hard
> disk churns and churns, no images show, and eventually it grinds to a halt.
> Just for fun, I tried it a second time after rebooting and I was able to 
> kill the process before it went too far. The error messages in the
> xterm said there were memory allocation errors.
> ee didn't use to do this. It used to give an error message saying there 
> was no file called "*" or some such.
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