Re: Gnome for RH5.1 only?

> I'm going to give a try compiling gnome from the source rpms. My target machine is a RH4.2, so running libc5. I haven't any reason to upgrade to RH5.1 nor glibc yet.

There have been some success stories about compiling under a libc5 system.
I was unsuccessful myself, trying to compile it on a home-made
"distribution." The safest bet really is to upgrade to 5.0.

> I can undernstand that the gnome proyect doesn't want to build binaries for libc5. But I want to know if the source rpms are ready to be rebuilded in a RH system < RH5.x.

There aren't any pre-built libc5 RPMs... At least, not with any recent

> If no, I wonder if I'm going to be forced to upgrade to RH5.1 in the same way that M$ force to their customers to upgrade programs the way they want.

No one is forcing you. You can hack the source to make it compile under a
libc5 system... it just takes time (and more time than I was willing to
give). Besides, Red Hat 5 is free... it's an easy upgrade, it fixes bugs,
and has the newest versions of all your favorite programs! (Wow, I sound
like an advertisement). Any of the horror stories you heard about RH5
inititally are easily fixed with the updates. The Red Hat guys are good at
getting bug fixes out the door. As for 5.1, I haven't installed it yet,
because I haven't had the time to run out and get a CD, so anything I say
on that matter is hearsay, but GNOME 0.20 compiles fine on my RH5.0 box.

Not to sound pro-Microsoft of anything, but they don't really _force_ you
to upgrade to the OS any more than any other company that decides to stop
development on one platform and move to a "superior" one. (I'm assuming
you mean Win 3.1 to Win95 by your last statement)


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