Re: midi player?

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Zack Williams wrote:
> Also, does Esound support music coprocessors like the AWE and the
> Ultrasound? If not could it be extended to do this, like having
> the mods and midis "rendered" on the client machine instead of on
> the server to take load off of the server? For example, some 
> machines would use software to convert the midi to sound and then
> put it out /dev/dsp, others would use their AWE card, and still 
> others might have a keyboard hanging off of their midi port that 
> they want to play over. The greater the flexibility the better.

I don't know how awemidi and timidi work today, but i think they should
provide their own /dev/sequencer mpu401 interface.

That way playersoftware such as playmidi needn't care about wathever 'non
mpu401 Midi card' ther's on the system.

I don't know if Esound should be bloated up to include midi support, but i
could imagine timidi running as a daemon, talking to Esound, so your dsp
isn't blocked while playing midis.

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