Re: midi player?

> > If not, i might start trying to gnome-ify playmidi ...
> gnome-media is going to use playmidi...

Is there going to be support for awemidi? It would be nice for 
gnome to have full AWE support for both mod (XMP) and midi (awemidi)
sounds, seeing that these cards are fairly common (as opposed to 
ultrasounds). I have heard that playmidi will include AWE support
in the future, but the awemidi driver currently supports SC88 
directives which  are not included in playmidi AFAIK. With 4MB or 
more of RAM on the card, output is better than most mp3's (with high 
quality midis, especially of classical music)

Also, does Esound support music coprocessors like the AWE and the
Ultrasound? If not could it be extended to do this, like having
the mods and midis "rendered" on the client machine instead of on
the server to take load off of the server? For example, some 
machines would use software to convert the midi to sound and then
put it out /dev/dsp, others would use their AWE card, and still 
others might have a keyboard hanging off of their midi port that 
they want to play over. The greater the flexibility the better.

Just some random thoughts. Decending back into lurk mode.


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