Mahjongg solubility ...


	Apologies for the 10K attachment.

	I have implemented the above, hopefully in a pretty bug free

	To examine the results,   tar xzf mahjongg.tar.gz
	in gnome-games-0.20/mahjongg, and re-build.

	A suitable changelog entry might be like this ?

Thu Jun 11 17:40:43 BST 1998   Michael Meeks <>
	* Added module solubility.c
	* Moved tile_free into this and altered to use dependancy trees.
	* Added sequence number to each tile
	* Implemented undo
	* Implemented redo
	* Removed redundant 'Tile-Set' icon, replaced with redo

	I was a little worried by the lack of a 'Redo' icon, perhaps I
should have worked out how to flip it using something cunning ?

	Oh, BTW. the code only uses longjmp because surprisingly its more
elegant than trying to pass failure codes through many levels of nested
subroutines. I don't like it either, but hey.

	Also I would be interested in feedback on the failure statistics.
So far it seems about 50% of games arn't generated properly ( causing a
re-run ).

	N.B. For those that enjoy cheating, try 'Re-do'ing before you
start to re-assure yourself that it is possible.

	I have no idea how CVS works, so this will probably vanish down
the plug hole ( along with my minesweeper patch :-).

	Warmest regards,

		Michael Meeks.

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

Altered files in entirety

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