Re: GNOME 0.20 RPMS Released

On 10 Jun, Michael Fulbright wrote:
> NOTE - this is a reposting of the previous GNOME 0.20 release.
>        It is being reposted with some corrections - PLEASE READ
> GNOME 0.20 For Red Hat Linux/Intel 5.1
> --------------------------------------
> You can download GNOME in RPM format for Red Hat Linux/Intel 5.1:
>      - GNOME 0.20 release
>     - Required support packages
>        The RPMs mentioned above are built against RH 5.1,
>        and require that you upgrade to the recent errata
>        items concerning libjpeg/libgif (June 10th).

I have installed two Gnome snapshots against RH 5.0 + errata, and run
reasonably happily. Do I really need to be at RH 5.1, or is there more
stuff I can pick up. I will get to RH 5.1, but I figured I'd wait 
until the first batch of errata got included on a CD, and get that.

Dale Pontius

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